Monday, May 7, 2012

8 months

8 months
~Three more teeth are pushing their way through, two on top, one more on bottom. That will make a total of 5!
~She loves the beach, she will play for hours rolling around in the sand
~She is right on the brink of crawling but for now she pushes her head against the floor and wiggles herself to where to wants to be, her own technique
~She loves to play pat-a-cake 
~Wants to play with ANYTHING that isn't a toy (phones, cords, paper, spatulas, pens....)
~Pulls herself up in her crib 
~She is very selective about who holds her at what time
~She literally never stops moving, her arms are always shaking like shes trying to fly
~She bites! Hard. She bites our shoulders, necks, hands and even our toes!
~She is a terrible napper, most days were lucky if we get two good naps (its rough on mom)
~She has the best giggle and laughs constantly, at dad especially


  1. love that dress on her! great color! she's a spitfire!

  2. Love the dress too and the bow. I miss that face. Wish I could see her giggle and smile in person. Send a video sometime. Miss you guys so much!