Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunny weekend

When we moved from Hawaii it was the middle of winter on the mainland and I was excited. I wanted to wear all the cute sweaters and boots and cuddle up in blankets. I really didn't mind the cold because I knew it would only be a couple months before California would warm up again. Well after a couple months I was craving the sun again. My tan lines disappeared and I was ready for winter to end. There have been nice sunny days here and there but the wind at the beach is pretty chilly and we usually end up keeping our clothes on. But this past Saturday, ahh, it was pure bliss. You have never seen someone so happy to get a sunburn. Ellie played in the sand all day and cried when we picked her up to go home. Yep, shes our baby. It's Tuesday and its been cloudy and windy the past three days. Come back sun!!


  1. the sun really does do wonders! ellie needs to come back and play in hawaii water/sand :)!