Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New jobs and new tricks

Our family has been in quite a transition period this summer. We spent a couple months unemployed after Scotty quit (yes quit, it just had to be done) his job as a construction manager, it was a stressful time but we were lucky enough to have steady side work that kept us afloat. Now that we have gotten through that rough patch, we can look back now and actually appreciate that we got to spend almost the whole summer together as a family which I'm sure will never happen again. In my husbands endless search for what he really wants to do with his life, he got an amazing opportunity at a digital marketing firm called Digitaria. His official title is Quality Assurance Associate, for those of you like me who have no idea what this means, basically he deals with websites, making sure everything is working properly. Right now he is working on some pretty big projects for Ironman and Ford. Its literally a whole new world for him. He doesn't have to wear a suit and tie but he does wear collared shirts and long pants which he rips off immediately after coming in the door. He is learning a ton but so far he likes it a lot and I think it will be a really good place for him. Scotty isn't the only one to have a new job. I have started working with Twigg Botanicals a floral company that does amazing weddings. Its something I never thought about doing but I really enjoy it. I have gotten the opportunity to work with top wedding planners in San Diego and learn a lot about flowers and design. Its been weird for me to be away from Ellie for the entire day, its been over a year since I have worked and my life has literally been all about her. Luckily its only a couple days a week so it works pretty well with our schedule and as much as I like getting to do something other than be mommy I do miss her the days I'm gone. Ellie has also been learning some new tricks the past couple weeks. She WALKS now, like a drunk but she walks. She was getting too impatient waiting to figure out her balance that she just decided one day that she was going to walk no matter how many times she falls. And she falls a lot! She has had a black eye, a busted lip and bruises all over just in the past week or two. I promise I watch her! She has her dad's determination and my impatience which makes for a deadly combo sometimes. She is turning one next week, I cannot believe it. This past year just flew by. And this whole transition to one has been so weird for me, she eats different, drinks out of a cup, tries to tell us what she wants, goes to sleep different. Its just weird that technically shes not a baby anymore. So yes we are all in transition right now and I had to write it down because I feel like things aren't going to slow down anytime soon and I'm going to forget all the little things that are so important. Like the excitement your baby gets from riding on a train for the first time.


  1. awww she is so cute! i can't believe she is walking! Didn't know you were working with Twigg Botanicals! Very cool. And Sounds like Scotty has a good thing going!

  2. you gotta remember the little things, you look back and realize they were the big things! those are the cutest pictures! so happy scotty has a great job and that you get to be a little creative!